In-house writing workshops

Get your whole team on the same page with our customized training

“Ann is one of the few people who can actually teach something substantial about writing.”
— George Stenitzer, vice president of corporate communications, Tellabs

Get everyone on the same page with our in-house writing workshops. Bring your agency, clients, lawyers and approvers — anyone who can help you implement best writing practices — to the session.

Get a highly customized in-house training — not an off-the-shelf program. We’ll use your own samples as examples and in practice sessions.

To bring our scientific, data-based writing techniques to your organization:

1. Choose a topic.

In-house persuasive writing workshop: Catch Your Readers - Use the bait your reader likes

writing workshop

In-house social media-writing workshop: Get Clicked, Read, Shared & Liked: Write effective Web pages, blog posts and social media messages

Social media-
writing workshop

In-house creative writing workshop: Master the Art of the Storyteller: Engage readers with storytelling, wordplay, metaphor & more

writing workshop

In-house PR-writing workshop: NOT Your Father’s Press Release: Avoid PR 101 - Get the word out via PR.


Ann Wylie's In-house clear-writing workshop: Cut Through the Clutter - Make every piece you write easier to read and understand

writing workshop

In-house online-writing workshop: Writing for the Web and Mobile - Learn to reach readers online in this digital writing class

writing workshop

2. Choose type of training.

  • One-day writing workshop: Cover a single topic (see Choose a topic, below) in a six-hour session.
  • Two-day master class: Cover a single topic and help team members master the methods we discuss in class with time for practice and feedback. Participants will leave with a totally rewritten piece.
  • Two-day workshop: Cover two topics in two six-hour sessions.
  • Four-session webinar series: Cover one a single topic in four 75-minute webinars.
  • Graduate school: Cover all of Ann’s topics in a series of workshops or master classes.

2. Enhance training with these services.

  • Befores and afters. See on the screen how Ann would have rewritten your headlines, decks, leads and more. And, yes, you may use Ann’s rewrites in your campaigns after class.
  • Writing guidelines. Walk away with all of the tips Ann shares in the workshop, illustrated with before-and-after versions of your samples.
  • Executive summary webinars. Get your reviewers on the same page with these mini sessions designed to help streamline the approval process.
  • Templates. Have Ann develop templates of your most frequently written pieces. Then just fill in the blanks to a delightful piece.
  • Follow-up coaching. Help your strugglers master the basics and your superstars shine brighter in a series of three follow-up coaching sessions after the workshop.

4. Learn more.

  • Our clients. Ann has worked with more than 400 clients, from AT&T to Wells Fargo.
  • Testimonials. Find out what others say about Ann’s workshops.
  • About Ann Wylie. Learn more about our trainer.

Ready to get your team on the same page with an in-house workshop?

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