In-house writing workshops

Learn scientific, proven-in-the-lab techniques for reaching readers and moving them to act

 “Ann is one of the few people who can actually teach something substantial about writing.”
— George Stenitzer, vice president of corporate communications, Tellabs

As communicators, our job isn’t to publish, post and press Send. It’s not to get clicks, comments and likes. Our job is to get people to 1) pay attention to, 2) understand, 3) remember and 4) act on our messages.

In-house writing workshops

Scientifically proven Many of the writing techniques we’ve institutionalized in our business have been proven in the lab to not work well with humans. Instead, bring proven-in the-lab best practices — not gut instinct or a rehash of the way we’ve always done it — to your team with our in-house writing workshops.

The good news is, researchers have been studying for more than 130 years how to write messages that do just that.

The bad news is, most of those scientific, proven-in-the-lab approaches never leave the ivy towers of academia. They never make it to those of us on the front lines of reaching readers and moving them to act.

But in our in-house workshop, your team members communicators will learn a system of scientific, proven-in-the-lab techniques they can use to reach more readers and move them to act.

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