Writing guidelines

Get writers writing in the right direction

Ever wish you had a reference tool you could hand off to new team members to answer the question, “How do we write around here?”

Writing guidelines

On the right track Get writers, reviewers and approvers on the same page with a playbook of proven-in-the-lab best practices customized for your team. Image by Nick Fewings

How about a resource you could use to show serial offenders how to fix label heads, passive voice or leads that are more likely to get readers to take a nap than to take action?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to present a document that helps you tell your approvers, “While I personally would love to press Send on your engineering dissertation, our writing guidelines demand that we hit 60 or higher on the Flesch Reading Ease test. We’ll need to make this simpler for our customers”?

Enter Wylie’s Writing Guidelines. With this service, you’ll get dozens of guidelines — all based on proven-in-the-lab best practices and customized with before-and-after versions of your own writing samples — to help you:

  • Catch Your Readers by creating story angles focused on the readers’ best interest, not on the organization’s best interest
  • Draw Readers In with leads that grab attention and pull people into the story
  • Cut Through the Clutter to make every piece you write measurably easier to read and understand
  • Lift Ideas Off the Screen with display copy that communicates even to nonreaders
“Since Ann Wylie became editorial consultant of Northern Update, our client magazine has skyrocketed from a mediocre publication to one that is emulated throughout the industry.”
— Roberta J. Laughlin, vice president, Mutual Funds Marketing, Northern Trust

How it works

Send us up to 30 examples of your group’s messages in Word, and we’ll:

  • Tell your writers what to do with proven-in-the-lab best writing practices
  • Show your writers how to do it with before-and-after examples of your own work
  • Help your writers sell ideas to management by summarizing the research behind the rules

Types of writing guidelines

Choose the writing guidelines that make the most sense for your team:

  • Persuasive writing guidelines
  • Web and mobile writing guidelines
  • Social media writing guidelines
  • News release writing guidelines
  • Email writing guidelines
“Ann helped us elevate the professionalism and quality of our materials and communications. Now our investors find them both relevant and appealing.”
— Roberta J. Laughlin, vice president, Mutual Funds Marketing, Northern Trust

Why Ann for writing guidelines?

Ann has:

  • Earned more than 60 communication awards, including two IABC Gold Quills — the Pulitzer Prizes of business communications
  • Trained thousands of communicators in hundreds of organizations, including NASA, Nike and Nokia
  • Developed writing guidelines for organizations including Comcast, Baylor Scott White, the University of Michigan Health System, Northern Trust, the Baupost Group and JTI

Save money — and increase ROI — when you combine this service with in-house workshops or templates.

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