July 24, 2016

In-house writing workshops

Polish persuasive writing, Web writing, social media writing,
creative writing, PR writing & tight writing skills

“Ann is one of the few people who can actually teach something substantial about writing.”
— George Stenitzer, vice president of Corporate Communications, Tellabs
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Do you need to reach readers online? Write copy that moves people to act? Master the art of corporate storytelling? Make every piece you write measurably easier to read and understand?

If so, bring Ann in for an in-house writing workshop. You’ll leave with tips, tricks and techniques for getting people to pay attention to your messages, understand them and remember them so they can act on them later.

Catch your readers - persuasive writing workshop

Start here: Writing That Sells

Catch Your Readers

Use the bait your reader likes

If you want to Catch Your Readers, you need to think like a reader. Then you need to use the bait your reader likes, not the bait you like.

Problem is, many of the techniques we’ve institutionalized in business communication writing are not the bait the reader likes.

In this persuasive writing workshop, we’ll debunk destructive writing myths, how-we’ve-always-done-its and relics from Writing 101. (You’re not still stuffing all those W’s into the lead, are you?!) Your team will leave with scientific, proven-in-the-lab approaches for getting people to pay attention to, understand, remember and act on your messages.

Social media-writing workshop

Get Clicked, Read,
Shared & Liked

Write effective Web pages,
blog posts and
social media messages

Creative writing workshop

Master the Art
of the Storyteller

Engage readers with storytelling, wordplay, metaphor & more

PR writing workshop

NOT Your Father’s
Press Release

Avoid PR 101:
Get the word out via PR

Tight writing workshop

Cut Through
the Clutter

Make every piece
you write easier to read
and understand

Social Media-writing workshopMaster the art of the storyteller - creative writing workshopIn-house Public relations writing workshop imageCut through the clutter - tight writing workshop