December 20, 2014

Master the Art of the Storyteller

‘The most powerful form of human communication’

Master the Art of the Storyteller

“[Art of the Storyteller] guides you on the path of effective storytelling that packs a punch with your audience.”
— Elizabeth Long, GraceWorks
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Storytelling is “the most powerful form of human communication,” according to Peg Neuhauser, author of Corporate Legends and Lore.

Indeed, stories can help you:

  • Get and keep attention
  • Enhance credibility
  • Make your message more memorable
  • Communicate better
  • Create a “buzz” for your ideas

In this workshop, you’ll learn to identify, develop and tell stories that will illustrate your points, communicate your messages and sell your products, services and ideas. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find stories to illustrate and cement your key points
  • How to get people to bring you their stories
  • How to reframe the five journalistic W’s — who, what, when, where and why — to tell a story instead of just cranking out another boring inverted pyramid
  • The key question to ask during an interview to elicit juicy anecdotes
  • A seven-second rule to apply to determine whether your material is really an anecdote
  • How “WBHA” can help you find anecdotes in the making
  • The secret to organizing your material into a powerful story
  • The best place to start an anecdote — and the worst place
  • A quick, easy-to-use template for building an anecdote