‘A semester’s worth of knowledge in a few hours’

What clients say about Ann’s workshops

“We continue to receive very positive comments about your seminar! Several people, including our internal communication manager for Europe, said that Tuesday provided the best one-day training since they had joined Motorola. Many thanks for providing insights, tips and factoids that will enable us to perform even better.”
— Ann Adams, president, Communication & Public Affairs,
and director, Internal Communication, Motorola, Inc.
“This is the best writing class I’ve attended in my 25-year PR career.”
— Mark Alden, PR manager, National Semiconductor
“Absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent. I learned more about writing for my audience from Ann in one day than I have in any other seminar.”
— Carie Behounek, marketing communications coordinator, COPIC Companies
“I learned a lot, freshened up skills, and reawakened my creative juices!”
— Robyn Bentley, senior communications specialist, Entergy Corporation
“I just finished a master’s degree, and I learned just as much in Ann’s one-day session.”
— Kirsten Bowden, Public Affairs, Duke Energy
“Practical examples of ideas I’ve read about but hadn’t seen illustrated so clearly.”
— Catherine K. Brown, PR coordinator/writer, Philadelphia Orchestra
“[Ann’s writing workshop was] absolutely fantastic! A perfect transition from the intellectual to the professional, not to mention practical.”
— Antonia Caamano, manager of PR, PGI-USA
“Very valuable. Writing with great taste is more filling!”
— Kris Caldwell, marketing communications coordinator, Providence Health System
“Loved it! Would like an eight-hour session … scratch that, a one-week session.”
— John Cardenas, public affairs coordinator, Development Commission
“I attended your writing seminar in June, and I can’t thank you enough. Your techniques have really solved a lot of feature-style writing problems that I used to run into. You’ve made believers out of me and the staff here.”
— Claire Celsi, public relations account executive, Flynn Wright
“Ann presented a lot of information that is very valuable for our Corporate Communications staff. We learned of at least 14 things we can do today to dramatically improve the effectiveness of our communications.”
— Jim Conenello, director of Communications, Pall Corporation
“Excellent, I knew I’d learn practical tips, and I wasn’t disappointed. Ann, your seminars are so well designed and delivered so well.”
— Julie Curtis, communications manager, Department of State Lands
“Excellent session. I learned a great deal about structuring a press release to get the desired results.”
— Allison Damiano, account executive, Page Group
“I learned very progressive, cutting-edge techniques and strategies that are 100 percent applicable.”
— Katherine W. Doe, marketing specialist, Federal Credit Union
“Lots of speakers say ‘do this’; Ann helps you do what she suggests.”
— Jody Donohue, commercial marketing manager, Commerce Bank
“Great! I am walking away with some great tools. I can’t wait to start using them. I love that all [of them] can fit into the construct of my workplace not just ideas that have no practical consideration.”
— Michelle Dunn, associate director of Communications and New Media,
Southern New Hampshire University
“New, distinctive content; engaging, intelligent ideas that are funny, useful and very applicable.”
— Rebekah Ellis, senior communications specialist, MultiCare Health System
“[Ann’s workshop] gave me a terrific, comprehensive, clear set of guidelines to live by when writing e-communications.”
— Jean Fortwengler, copywriter, Humana
“Excellent — I loved Ann’s presentation style. She had very real-world tips that I can use today. One of the best professional development seminars I’ve been to — and I’ve been to a lot! I pity the people who didn’t come.”
— Natalie Ghidoth, PR consultant
“Wonderful! The time flew by as Ann delivered relevant, practical information!”
— Marna Gisvold, senior project manager, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
“Many writing coaches focus on the commas. Ann focuses on how to make your writing so compelling that the commas are barely noticeable.”
— Lisa Godwin, Community Relations staff member, Providence Health System
“I thought this would be a boring, you-have-to-eat-your-spinach workshop, but I was engaged for the whole day.”
— Laura Gross, manager, Public Relations, National Public Radio
“A breath of fresh air! This will help me streamline my work to benefit my readers and my company.”
— Julie Hambrick, communications consultant, Government Relations, Humana
“She made the process seem simple with great examples, techniques and tricks to rely on.”
— Barb Hannon, associate, Nation Ranch Marketing
“I’ve been to a lot of writing seminars and this is, by far, the most effective. During the course of the day, I’ve applied Ann’s concepts to current writing projects — projects that will be much better because of today’s workshop.”
— Julie Hans, spokesperson, Progress Energy
“Very practical, easy-to-remember and -apply tips that make a difference.”
— Michaela Hayes, director of Marketing Communications, La Piana Associates
“I learned a lot of tips I can immediately put into practice. This is the best training for my job that I’ve had in years.”
— Roy Hayhurst, senior marketing communication editor, GuideStone Financial Resources
“It’s over already? I want more! Insightful, useful, practical, timely, thought-provoking.”
— Gretchen Heilshorn, Communications & PR manager, Portland Oregon Visitors Association
“I had begun working on a news release before your workshop. After your workshop I rewrote it. I’ll be darned if Newsweek didn’t pick it up and run with it. I am just amazed! Thank you for giving me a little badly needed redirection.”
— Jenna Higgins, director of Communications, National Biodiesel Board
“Absolutely wonderful! Ann explains the tools of creative writing in a clear, concise, engaging and fun manner.”
— Lisa Hildebrandt, lead writer and media specialist, Woloshin Communications, Inc.
“Get her newsletter, read it, share it, use the ideas in it. Do a first draft, walk away, come back and think, ‘How can I “Wylie-ize” this?'”
— Conni Hinkel, communications manager, ABB Inc.
“I thought the session was fantastic! A lot of logical, practical tips.”
— Molly Janiczek, communicator, Vanguard
“Excellent! I learned more [in Ann’s one-day session] than I did in my entire college career. I feel like I should get a new diploma.”
— Stephanie Johnston, account supervisor, Blades Trozzolo Public Relations
“A semester’s worth of knowledge in a few hours.”
— Amy Kappler, communications specialist, Burgess and Niple
“Outstanding — I wish I’d had just one instructor like Ann in my J-School!”
— Bob Kelley, PR manager, Verizon Wireless
“I liked the combination of statistics, process and actual working experience. Ann is credible because she knows what works and what doesn’t, and has good ideas for problems we all face. Ann is not only at an excellent motivator. She is at the top of her game in recognizing how to get the most out of the power of language and to think like a reader.”
— Nancy Kobus, communications program manager, Alliant Energy
“Undoubtedly the most valuable writing seminar I have attended.”
— Rachel Kuramoto, PR pro, Alexander Ogilvy PR
“After spending a day in Ann Wylie’s workshop, I felt like I had experienced a series of ‘V8’ moments. Her practical writing tips left me thinking, ‘I could have been doing that!'”
— Katie Larson, manager, Staff and Marketing Communications, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“Other writing coaches tell you what to do. Ann shows you how.”
— Roberta Laughlin, vice president, Mutual Funds Marketing, Northern Trust
“It revved me up, reinforced what I knew and gave me the umph to continue the good fight.”
— Mary Laurie, director of Communications, Winrock International
“This session was highly informative and enlightening. The tips provided are sensible yet not obvious, and Ann presents in a manner that makes every novel idea easy to understand.”
— Jack Loughran, assistant account executive, Buchanan Public Relations
“Awesome! A must-attend seminar for any corporate communications professional.”
— Michelle Luong, communications manager, Shaw’s Supermarkets Inc.
“After 25 years in communications, this old dog can learn new tricks.”
— Ken Lyall, communication specialist, WesCorp
“Great step-by-step instructions on how to do it right.”
— Stacy Mayo, assistant account executive, Rhea + Kaiser
“I don’t have a background in communications or PR. But, I can’t imagine how much more effective a 12-week course would be than this seminar. It was very helpful.”
— Connie Majka, director of Events, Philadelphia Academies
“Ann, your work has been an inspiration to my writing and sharing of information — I call you my mentor who doesn’t know me.”
— Kristi Mallory, communicator, RTI
“Totally amazing, awesome, usable! I feel more passionate about the work ahead.”
— Joseph Martorano, PR manager, Tektronix
“An excellent, fast-moving, stimulating day full of practical ideas and resources, backed by relevant (and fun) anecdotes, studies, and examples.”
— Karen Mattox, manager, Communications and Community Relations, Midwestern University

“Great step-by-step instructions on how to do it right.”
— Stacy Mayo, assistant account executive, Rhea + Kaiser

“Great session. Helped me fine-tune my skills and reminded me that this is not your mom and dad’s employee communication environment.”
— Mary Jo McCarthy, manager, Motorola Inc.
“Exceptional! Ann teaches writing the same way it should be written: fun, organized, inviting and educational.”
— Emily McCavanagh, supervisor, Cercone Brown and Partners
“This is one of the best writing/PR conferences I’ve attended. Good information/tips backed by examples that were easy to relate to.”
— Ashley McDonald, marketing coordinator, Cassing Diagnostic Imaging
“Whether writing a press release, internal newsletter or a company memo, our work must first capture the readers’ attention and then ensure we keep it. You showed us how to do that in an informative and entertaining day. If we can apply your tools and ‘write like a roller coaster,’ our readers will be in for one heck of a ride!”
— Linda McDougall, vice president, Corporate Communications, H&R Block
“Ann’s class rocked. She accomplished in less than eight hours what Loyola couldn’t quite do in four years.”
— Alicia McGarry, Trozzolo Creative
“After graduating years ago with an English degree I’m barely using, this was a well-needed shot of some literary WD-40! Very informative and much akin to a defibrillator to the brain.”
— Rich McPherson, Providence Health and Services
“The best writing workshop I have ever attended. Ann is nothing short of brilliant.”
— Beth McRae, principal, The McRae Agency
“Ann’s research-based, practical approach to writing yields results for communicators in the most important way — influencing your audience. Never a dull moment! I always feel wiser after one of Ann’s classes.”
— Ken Muche, PR manager, Verizon Wireless
“Very useful, sparked the brain! Helped get creative wheels timing, how I’m excited for next press release assignment.”
— Emily Murphy, PR account manager, Coates Kokes
“Writing is such a hard thing to teach — especially to professionals who already know how to do the basic blocking and tackling. In Ann’s session, one gets the feeling they’re learning not from a grizzled seminar leader who has perfected a formula but from a first-class writer and editor who knows how to apply the best feature-writing techniques to organizational communications. As a conference organizer, I sit in sessions worried about the heat in the room, the attentiveness of the audience, the skill of the speaker. It’s rare when I actually get sucked into what’s being taught because I’m learning myself. That happens every time I watch Ann speak.”
— David Murray, manager, Ragan’s Speechwriters Conference
“Thank you for the information-packed Cut Through the Clutter. The nuggets you offer are pure gold!”
— Jill C. Garman Neiger, communications specialist, American Red Cross, Northern Ohio
“If Fox Sports network has the ‘Best Damn Sports Show Period,’ this was the best damn writing workshop period!”
— Jim Nimmo, communication specialist, Cotton Electric
“This was the most practical seminar I’ve attended in years. I can put this information into play today.”
— Susan Patton, senior communications specialist, FedEx
“Your writing workshop was so popular that we’ve verbed your name. You’ll hear folks around here talking about ‘Ann Wylieizing’ their copy, which means to communicate complex concepts in a creative, interesting, easy-to-read format. We have also instituted an annual writing award — the ‘Ann Wylie Award’ — to emphasize the importance we place on communicating information in a novel way.”
— Don Paul, State Farm Insurance
“Having Ann Wylie come in to our workplace and present a customized workshop to our communications team certainly energized the team and enhanced our writing products. Most importantly, however, we came away excited to apply what we learned. Our team was actively speaking the same language and sharing ideas. We anticipated it would be an effective writing seminar, but it proved to be one of the most valuable team-building opportunities we have participated in.”
— Jeanine Penticoff, manager,Marketing Communications, Alliant Energy
“A writing seminar was the last thing I needed. I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve won several national writing awards. Then I took Ann’s course and even my boss noticed a change in my style; it seemed more ‘alive’, she said. Learning how to write stories — not just facts — gave me a second wind.”
— Shannon Priem, APR, communications specialist, Oregon School Boards Association
“It’s worth your time. You can walk out and do something different immediately. Some of it will be easy. Much of it will be hard. All of it is critical. Outstanding.”
— Eva Quinn, vice principal, The Principal Financial Group
“If I were to write a headline and deck for Ann’s workshop, it would go something like this: ‘West Point for Writers: How to win the war for readers’ minds.'”
— Jim Rink, media relations specialist, The Auto Club Group
“[Ann’s teleseminar] provided simple solutions to a realistic issue that I have to confront on the job every day. I believe the tips and tactics given will help ease what can often be a frustrating and time-consuming process, even for the smallest of organizations.”
— Bonnie Mae Serino, communication project manager, WorldatWork
“Even my most experienced writers found your workshop to be entertaining yet very practical and immediately applicable. Your detailed breakdown of the feature-style story was especially enlightening for the journalists on my staff who were raised on the inverted pyramid. I also liked the concrete backup you provided from readership studies and how you used examples of our own work to make your point.”
— George Shafer, Trustmark Insurance Company

“Ann’s seminar at Humana was, by far, one of the best workshops anyone on my team has ever attended. Already, I’m seeing a difference in the writers’ work: It’s tighter, more interesting to read, and closer to the mark in addressing the target audience. It was an excellent day of creative rejuvenation.”
— Besty Shirey, copy chief, Humana

“By far the most valuable training I have attended at Entergy. I wish thousands of our employees could get at least a small part of this.”
— Chris Smith, Inside Entergy editor, Entergy Corporation
“It woke me up out of a rut to be a more conscious writer.”
— Elizabeth Sprouse, communications specialist, CDM
“Ann is not only an excellent motivator. She is at the top of her game in recognizing how to get the most out of the power of language and to think like a reader.”
— Ryan Stensland, communications program manager, Strategic Communications
“This was fabulous! I learned more today than I’ve learned in all of my formal writing education.”
— Amy Stephens, principal, Stephens Media and PR
“Ann practices what she preaches, using colorful examples to make her points. Her passion for communication is infectious.”
— Diane Strelecleis, writer, Vanguard
“Takes me out of my ‘cube’ to think about what I do every day in a different light.”
— Stephanie Taliaferro, media relations manager, Sprint
“Ann’s always inspiring, no matter what stage you’re at in your writing career. I always come away from her sessions re-energized, re-committed and refreshed.”
— Dayna Therien, issues communications advisor, Workers Compensation Board-Alberta
“Fast paced. Smart. Interesting. Engaging. Lots of great tips/tools.”
— Matt Thompson, senior editor, Communications, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
“The session was insightful and will help with creative ways to get readers to not just hit the ‘delete’ key.”
— James Vanderpoel, clinical applications coordinator, Carl T. Hayden VAMC
“Ann’s presentation was crisp, concise and informative. Her humor made it interesting, and her knowledge gave it power.”
— Suellen Vann, public relations leader, Acxiom Corp
“I saw a lot of light bulbs going on for our people. She flipped the switch.”
— Roy Vaughn, director of Communications, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
“Very helpful! You have taught an old horse same new things!”
— Jeanette Wagner, consultant, Communications Etc.
“I truly enjoyed the session! Not only was Ann very informative and inspiring, she was entertaining too.”
— Emily Wallace, community relations specialist, Orange County Library System
“Very useful. Ann is a great speaker and just plain enjoyable to listen to. Loved her stories.”
— Stephanie Watson, communications coordinator, Providence Health and Services
“I thought it was by far the best conference/workshop/seminar I’ve ever attended. “
— Felisha Weaver, communications assistant, Hendrix College
“She has a great style and presentation, grounded in respected research — and personal experience.”
— Fran Webb, director, Mount St. Mary Academy

“Ann totally nailed how we need to improve. Her training was the best I’ve had in 20 years of communications work. Most of all, she renewed my enthusiasm and motivation for writing. As the MasterCard ad says: priceless.”
— Lisa Westbrook, content manager, FedEx

“Ann’s courses have definitely improved the quality of writing at Entergy. Hiring Ann would be one of the smartest investments a corporate executive could make in improving his or her company’s communications.”
— Arthur E.F. Wiese Jr., vice president, Corporate Communications, Entergy

“Very valuable for the whole group — worth every penny (and a lot more).”
—Arthur E.F. Wiese Jr., vice president, Corporate Communications, Entergy
“Your writing will get better if you attend Ann’s workshop. Period.”
— Chris Winters, communications specialist, Entergy

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