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Go beyond the 5 W’s

Leads for releases

Conventional news release leads are formulaic, old-fashioned and — let’s face it — dull. Instead, turn to these more effective approaches. Image by rawpixel

PR piece leads

3 types of PR leads to try

3 types of PR leads to try

Stop using the fact pack, ‘today announced’

Follow the leader: Make sure your message gets heard with colorful, compelling PR leads.

News leads for PR pieces

 Announcement leads delay the story

Announcement leads delay the story

Don’t announce you’re announcing

XYZ Company today announces that … Surely there’s a better way to start your story.

Benefits leads for releases

Use the magic word in releases

Use the magic word in releases

‘You’ gets the story started in PR pieces

Every little thing you do is magic: Want reader attention? Write about the reader.

Feature leads for releases

 PR leads: Try features

PR leads: Try features

Surprise and delight readers

Get your PR piece going in the right direction: Add color to your pitches and releases with feature leads.

Keep PR leads short

PR leads: 25 words or less

PR leads: 25 words or less

Get to the point faster

They snooze, you lose: “If the copy doesn’t excite me within 20 words, I won’t read the rest of it,” says one editor.

More on PR leads

Quotes on press release leads

Quotes on PR leads

What writers & other say

“Don’t expect journalists to sift through your news release to find the angle.” — Lisa Morton, managing director, Roland Dransfield PR

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