Quotes on callouts

What writers and others say 

“Callouts are the print equivalent of a sound bite.”
—  authors of The Newsletter Editor’s Desk Book

“One of the first things a reader notices when browsing … is the pull quote, a blurb lifted from a story and highlighted on the page.”
— John Brady, former editor-in-chief at Writer’s Digest

“This deceptively simple packaging device has a large effect on the reader, often determining whether a story is read or ignored.”
— John Brady, former editor-in-chief at Writer’s Digest

“When you have to communicate a lot of different sales points, use ‘callouts.’ They are above average in recall tests.”
— David Ogilvy, in Ogilvy on Advertising

Quotes on callouts

“Think of your callout as the movie trailer for your story. Give away your best material to convince the reader to buy a ticket for the full show.”
— Ann Wylie, president, Wylie Communications
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