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Catch Your Readers, Move Them to Act

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Reach humans with words Learn how to reach readers and move them to act with these tips for positioning your message in the readers’ best interest, organizing your story, writing clearly and lifting your ideas off the page with display copy.

Why corporate writing?

Why corporate writing?

Why corporate writing?

Too much to read, too little time to read it

Do the math: People receive the data equivalent of 174 newspapers, ads included, every single day. Yet they spend just 48 minutes a day reading for work and just 19 minutes a day reading for fun. How much attention is your message getting?

Best practices in corporate writing

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing

Sell products, programs & positions

Move readers to act … when you position information in the readers’ best interest.

Story structure: How to organize messages

Organization & structure

Story structures for every piece

“Prose is architecture,” wrote Ernest Hemingway. “It’s not interior design.” Which structure would make the best foundation for your argument?

Clear writing: Keep it short

Clear writing

Don’t build a wall of words

Is your message short and easy to read? That’s one of the two key questions people ask to determine whether to read your piece — or toss it.

Headlines & display copy

Headlines & display copy

Lift your ideas off the page or screen

Reach nonreaders with words: Draw readers in, break copy up and communicate to flippers and skimmers with display copy.


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