December 18, 2017

Quotes on quick web copy

What writers and others say

Quotes on quick web copy

“DYK? The human brain judges attraction in one-fifth of a second.”
— @AnswersDotCom

“Clap your hands twice. The interval between claps is one beat. That’s how long you have to command attention on an AOL screen.”
— “How to Talk AOL,” Fast Company, July 2002

Quotes on quick web copy

“Instant gratification takes too long.”
— Carrie Fisher, American actress and writer

“How long will users stay on a web page before leaving? It’s a perennial question, yet the answer has always been the same: Not very long.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “king of usability”
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    • Get found and clicked. Help Google and humans figure out what your piece is about with 6 quick tricks.
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