Quotes on tight web copy

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Quotes on tight Web copy

“Beware: The infinite space on the Internet creates aerated prose.”
— Roy Peter Clark, The Poynter Institute’s senior scholar and author of Writing Tools

“When access [to information] is easy, we tend to favor the short, the sweet and the bitty.”
— Tyler Cowen, economist and author of Create Your Own Economy

“High-quality short copy will outperform poorly written long copy every time.”
— Michel Fortin, chief experience office, Supportibles, Inc.

“I first learned how to get a message across in a few words by doing historical exhibits. You’re trying to tell a story, but people aren’t going to read a lot of words when they’re standing on their feet.”
— Sheldon Hochheiser, corporate historian, AT&T

“Each little piece of useless chatter is relatively innocent, and only robs us of a few seconds. The cumulative effect, however, is much worse: we assume that most communication is equally useless and tune it out, thus missing important information that’s sometimes embedded in the mess.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “the king of usability”

Quotes on tight Web copy

“Let’s clean up our information environment. Are you saying something that benefits your customers, or simply spewing word count? If users don’t need it, don’t write it. Stop polluting now.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “the king of usability”

“You’d be wise to put your word count on a strict diet.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “the king of usability”

“Why will we sit still for 700+ pages of Don Quixote, but we’d never sit still for 700+ connected Web pages?”
— Rick Norton of Great Bear Studios & Editorial Services in Denver

“Our old literary habits ‘were just a side-effect of living in an environment of impoverished access.’”
— Clay Shirky, a digital-media scholar at New York University

Quotes on tight Web copy

“The dirtiest four-letter word in the English language: ‘read.’”
— Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics website

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