Tight web copy: Shorter’s better

Visitors process only 20% of the words on a webpage

Tight web copy

Going down Web visitors process only about 20% of the words on a page. But add more words, and that percentage goes down. Online, shorter’s better. Image by Jess Watters

Webpages: Cut copy in half

Cut webpages in half

Cut webpages in half

Shorter webpages nearly 60% more usable

Half as big is twice as nice: Short webpages outperform long ones.

Focus your web copy

Focus your web copy

Make it relevant

Is the juice worth the squeeze? When cutting webpages in half, focus on the half that’s relevant to visitors.

How short? Online paragraphs, sentences, words, readability

Sentences: Streamline them online

Sentences: Streamline them online

And activate passive voice online

Keep it simple, Sweetie: Subject, verb, object is most readable, in print and online.

‘Short is too long for mobile’

Webpages: ‘Short is too long for mobile’

4 ways to optimize stories for phone reading

Think small: People will read long pieces on the screen. But only if they’re amazing.

More on tight web copy

Quotes on tight web copy

Quotes on tight web copy

What writers & others say

“You’d be wise to put your word count on a strict diet.” — Jakob Nielsen, “the king of usability”

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