Quotes on getting to the point faster

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Quotes on quick web copy

“The portion of the website that is above the fold is still the most valuable real estate on a website and the user experience should reflect that.”
— Alex Caldwell, creative director, Brolik

“DYK? The human brain judges attraction in one-fifth of a second.”
— @AnswersDotCom

Quotes on quick web copy

“Clap your hands twice. The interval between claps is one beat. That’s how long you have to command attention on an AOL screen.”
— “How to Talk AOL,” Fast Company, July 2002

“Instant gratification takes too long.”
— Carrie Fisher, late American actress and writer

Quotes on quick web copy

“Everything above the fold helps your visitors decide whether your site is worth reading at all.”
— Shanelle Mullin, content & growth, Shopify

Quotes on quick web copy

“How long will users stay on a web page before leaving? It’s a perennial question, yet the answer has always been the same: Not very long.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “king of usability”

“Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “king of usability”

Quotes on quick web copy

“The material that’s the most important for the users’ goals or your business goals should be above the fold.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “king of usability”

“What appears at the top of the page vs. what’s hidden will always influence the user experience — regardless of screen size.”
— Amy Schade, director of user experience, Nielsen Norman Group

Quotes on quick web copy

“Users don’t scroll for fun. They scroll for a purpose. So if talking about the fold puts the focus on what’s first on the page, let’s continue the conversation.”
— Amy Schade, director of user experience, Nielsen Norman Group

“The job of the above-the-fold content is to engage people enough to get them to take some action — something other, that is, than clicking the back button.”
— Michael Slater, co-founder, Webvanta Inc.

Quotes on quick web copy

  • Get to the point faster

    Because web visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold

    Consider the numbers:

    • Web visitors spend 80% of the time above the fold, or on the first screen of a webpage, and just 20% below the fold.
    • Material near the top of a webpage gets 17x the attention of that near the bottom.
    • The average difference in how users treat information above vs. below the fold is 84%.

    Get to the point faster

    But where’s the fold? Content that shows up above the fold on a 30-inch monitor can take as many as five screens on a smartphone.

    Reach readers where their eyes are.

    So how can you reach your readers where their eyes are?

    At Writing for the Web and Mobile — our two-day hands-on web-writing master class on June 12-13 in Chicago — you’ll learn how to:

    • Pass the 1-2-3-4 test to put your message where web visitors' eyes are. Tip: Try this simple test on your smartphone for best results.
    • Make it a mullet — and 4 more steps for writing effective web heads. (No. 5 is the most important thing you can do to improve the ROI of your site.)
    • Optimize webpages for Google and humans with our three-part test. Note: If you're still using SEO tricks you learned in the 'oughts, Google may be penalizing your pages.
    • Don't drop the deck. Learn to make the most of the best-read element on your webpage.
    • Steal headline-writing tips from the BBC — the source of the best news heads on the web, according to Nielsen.

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