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“The articles were just what we were looking for. So many writers don’t get web writing at all. For quite some time, I’ve searched for this kind of content editing/writing in vain. If you can ‘webify’ more articles in the same style, we will be very happy.”
— Tiina Saaristo, head of Content Marketing, EADS Secure Networks Oy

Web writing servicesOnline, constant problem solving (to click or not to click?) and divided attention (you’ve got mail!) lead to cognitive overload.

“Try reading a book while doing a crossword puzzle,” wrote Nick Carr, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. “That’s the intellectual environment of the Internet.”

In this environment, how do we reach readers online?

Web writing services

Fortunately, Gold Quill Award-winning writer Ann Wylie has developed a system of proven-in-the-lab best practices for writing copy that overcomes the obstacles of reading on the screen. Now you can bring these approaches to bear on your own online communications when you bring Ann and her team in to handle:

  • Blog post writing
  • Email writing
  • E-zine writing
  • Intranet page writing
  • Intranet site writing
  • Status update writing
  • Webpage writing
  • Website writing

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Why Wylie Communications?

With Wylie Communications on your team, you can:

  • Bring award-winning talent to your project. Ann Wylie is a Gold Quill Award-winning writer whose work has earned nearly 60 communication awards. Let us help you produce world-class websites, e-zines and status updates, as well.
  • Deliver copy that sells. When Ann’s not writing or editing, she’s training other writers. Or helping companies get the word out to their audiences. She applies the best practices she develops for her training and consulting business to her writing and editing projects. That means you’ll get web, email and social media copy that grabs attention, keeps it for the long haul and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Work with experienced web writers. Ann and her writing team have written or edited online communications for organizations including American Century, Cassidian, DST Output, GE/ERC, H&R Block, Northern Funds, PetSmart Charities, REI, Sprint, Saint Luke’s Health System, Toshiba America Medical Systems and Whole Foods. Let us bring our experience to your project too.
  • Get writers who get business. Ann has interviewed George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. But, as a former business magazine editor, she really enjoys chatting with economists, engineers and surgeons. At Wylie Communications, we’ve written about communication technology for Sprint, about personal finance for Northern Trust and — despite the fact that Ann’s preferred form of exercise is the hike from recliner to refrigerator — about fitness medicine for the Mayo Clinic. We’ve helped NASA write about rocket science and neurosurgeons communicate about brain surgery. You can rely on our team to get up to speed on your industry, as well, quickly and thoroughly.
  • Stop working weekends. Our team provides a virtual staff to write and edit copy for Saint Luke’s, Northern Trust, State Street/Kansas City and Sprint. Let us pick up the slack in your department too.

Contact Ann about a web writing assignment.

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