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“You delivered what I was hoping to receive! So many people do not get this at all, and for quite some time already, I’ve searched for this kind of content editing/creation vendor in vain.”
— Tiina Saaristo, head of content marketing, EADS Secure Networks Oy

There must be something in the water! Suddenly we’re getting several calls a week to write Web copy and otherwise help clients create or improve their websites.

My writing team couldn’t be happier, because we love the challenge of overcoming the obstacles of screen reading to get the word out on the Web. We’d love to help your group, too, with your online communications.

Right now, we’re writing Web copy for a new mini-site for EADS. We’re also working with Saint Luke’s Health System on its new site. We’re helping the Saint Luke’s team develop its new site, making it easier for visitors to navigate the site — and easier for communicators to write new Web pages.

In the past, we’ve written Web copy for such companies as:

  • American Century
  • GE ERC
  • H&R Block
  • Northern Trust
  • State Street/Kansas City

And I’ve provided Web writing training for such companies as:

  • BlueCross/Blue Shield
  • Drake University
  • FedEx
  • Life Technologies
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Tellabs
  • Verizon Wireless

These training programs have given me the chance to develop best practices in Web writing, which we’d love to bring to your Web project. So your website will Cut Through the ClutterLift Your Ideas Off the Page or Screen and Sell Products, Services and Ideas.

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