Catch Your Readers in Kansas City

Move readers to act in this persuasive writing workshop

“I have been a journalist for 30 years, published more than 10,000 times, and I have learned more about writing in the past two days from Ann than I have in all that time. I so needed this!”
— Jim Masters, internal communications specialist, Accenture

If you want to Catch Your Readers, you need to think like a reader. Then you need to use the bait your reader likes, not the bait you like.

Problem is, many of the techniques we’ve institutionalized in business communication writing are not the bait the reader likes. In fact, some of the standards in the corporate communicator’s repertoire are more likely to hinder than help your chances at getting the word out.

In this persuasive writing workshop, we’ll debunk destructive writing myths. You’ll leave with scientific, proven-in-the-lab approaches for getting people to pay attention to, understand, remember and act on your messages.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

Save $100 when you register by Sept. 16 Oct. 16 – deadline extended.

Catch Your Readers - Ann Wylie's persuasive-writing workshop on Nov. 16-17, 2017 in Kansas City image

Kansas City | Nov. 16-17


“Other writing coaches tell you what to do. Ann shows you how.”
— Roberta Laughlin, vice president, mutual funds marketing, Northern Trust
  • Think Like a Reader
    • Reach more readers by positioning your message in your audience’s best interest.
    • Move readers to act with a 4-step process for developing stories people want to read.
    • Increase readership by tapping 2 key rewards of reading.
    • Make your message more relevant and valuable to readers with a 3-letter word.
    • Boost audience interest by answering the No. 1 question readers ask.
  • Hook ’Em With a Savvy Structure
    • Master a structure that’s been proven in the lab to engage more readers.
    • Grab reader attention with 3 steps to a compelling lead.
    • Avoid 5 deadly leads that make readers’ eyes glaze over.
    • Pull readers through the piece with one of 5 effective structural techniques.
    • Leave a lasting impression with our checklist for effective endings.
  • Cut Through the Clutter
    • Make every piece you write easier to read and understand with our 6-step system.
    • Get proven-in-the-lab targets for readable paragraph, sentence and word lengths.
    • Measure, monitor and manage readability with a cool — free! — tool.
    • Increase reading by hitting one key on your keyboard more often.
    • Learn the fastest, most effective approach for condensing your message dramatically.
  • Lift Ideas Off the Page
    • Get the word out to people who spend just 2 minutes with your piece.
    • Reach readers who will not read your paragraphs, no matter how well you write them.
    • Make your message 47% more usable by adding a few simple elements.
    • Increase reading by passing The Palm Test.
    • Avoid dropping the one element on your page that 95% of people read.
  • Get a Writing Workout With Wylie
    • Master the techniques you learn in class by applying them immediately.
    • Gain valuable insights on your own work from Ann and your peers.
    • Learn to analyze and improve other’s writing — and your own.
    • Take your own message from “meh” to masterpiece.
    • Leave with a totally rewritten piece.

Save $100 when you register by Sept. 16 Oct. 16 – deadline extended.

Participants’ comments

“While someone might be hesitant to step away for 2 days, this course is chock-full of useful tips & applicable lessons. I highly recommend this course!”
– Brock Cartlidge, senior brand analyst, Toyota

“This is my second workshop with Ann, and I am continuously impressed with the valuable information which helps my day-to-day writing immensely.”
– Derrick Brown, media & public relations, Toyota Financial Services

“Absolutely amazing. I got more from this workshop than anticipated.”
– Janelle Pharris, senior analyst, Toyota

“Excellent! Best workshop I’ve attended – EVER!”
– Patty Iannotti, manager, Employee & External Communications, FM Global

“Fantastic! I’ve been writing for years and often feel like there’s nothing left to learn. Boy was I so wrong! Great job, Ann!”
– Tomeeka Miller, social media consultant, FM Global

“Mind-opening. I feel I have many new tools to use to make my communications more effective. I am armed with more tools and reminded of their importance.”
– Judy Downey, senior communications specialist, FM Global

“Ann’s knowledge, experience, research and talent can help any writer tangibly improve. She delivers it all dynamically and gives you plenty of useful materials to take with you.”
– Steve McGrath, vice president, Brodeur Partners

“The article I rewrote in Ann’s Catch Your Readers Master Class got nearly three times the average page views for our intranet home page stories. It was the second-most read story of 2016.”
– Michelle Esso, senior communications staff writer, Baker Law

More participant comments

“I loved it. Very engaging and I love that it was backed up by so much research. It will make our jobs easier when we go back and sell these ideas to our organization!”
– Emily Linendoll, assistant director of communications, Northeastern University

“The workshop was fantastic. I called my boss halfway through and told her our whole team needs to do this.”
– Brian Jacobson, public information officer, City of Roseville, California

“Thoroughly researched and masterfully presented.”
– Aimee Thunberg, VP, Communications, Auburn Seminary

“I cannot believe the amount of information I learned and applied in two days. I know my pieces will improve significantly.”
– Nikki Santillana, communications coordinator, LuLaRoe

“Top notch! I would recommend it for any writer and only wish I had attended sooner.”
– Andrea Smith-Ruff, communication specialist, University of Michigan

“Hands down the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. Although sitting and listening is not my strength, I was riveted the whole time.”

“Fantastic. Among the most applicable, relevant, and engaging workshops I’ve ever attended.”

“Fantastic! Within 90 minutes I was applying the ideas Ann presented.”

“I write almost every day as part of my job. With the knowledge I gained during these two days I am going back to work a much more effective writer and communicator.”


Ann WylieAnn Wylie runs a training, editing and consulting firm called Wylie Communications. She works with communicators who want to reach more readers and with organizations that want to get the word out.

Her workshops take her from Hollywood to Helsinki. There, she helps clients at organizations like NASA, Nike and Nokia polish their skills and find new inspiration for their work.

Ann has earned more than 60 awards, including two IABC Gold Quills, for her communications. She is the author of more than a dozen learning tools that help people improve their communication skills, including, a toolbox for writers.

Learn more about Ann.

Images from past trainings

Ann Wylie's writing workshops photo

Catch Your Readers Thousands of communicators have learned to reach more readers and get the word out at Ann Wylie’s writing workshops.

Location & accommodations

“Makes me want to go back and revise everything I’ve done in the past three years.”
— Blythe Campbell, director, communications and marketing, NANA Development Corp.
The Gallery Event Space

The Gallery Event Space


The Gallery Event Space

61 East 14th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

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Daily schedule

8:15 a.m. Registration
9 a.m. Workshop begins
Noon Lunch
1 p.m. Workshop resumes
4 p.m. Workshop ends


Your ticket includes morning coffee and tea, lunch and afternoon refreshments.

Meet me in Kansas City

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. When I click my heels and yearn for family and friends, it’s Kansas City that I’m dreaming of.

Meet me in Kansas City

City beautiful With more fountains than Rome, more boulevards than Paris, Kansas City is easy on the eyes. Image by Vincent Parsons

Those of us who know her and love her didn’t lift a brow when The Huffington Post named KC the coolest city in the country. “The food is amazing,” the lifestyle editor cooed, “nearly everything is affordable, and the people are nice.”

Yup, as we say in the Heartland.

Plus there’s the barbecue. The jazz. The National World War I Museum, the Country Club Plaza, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

How can I tear myself away? There really is no place like home.


“Absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent. I learned more about writing for my audience from Ann in one day than I have in any other seminar.”
— Carie Behounek, marketing communications coordinator, COPIC Companies
Save $100+
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Training, lunches, workbook
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  • Save $100 when you register by Sept. 16 Oct. 16 – deadline extended.
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  • Save $100 each when you bring two or more colleagues. (Big group? If you have 10 or more colleagues who would benefit from training, contact Ann to schedule a customized, in-house writing workshop.)
  • Save $50 each when you bring one colleague.

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Yes, please contact us at Let us know how many and what type of tickets you need, attendee details and your preferred payment method. We will issue an invoice or purchase order if you need one.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have no doubt that the Master Class will be the best money you invest this year on your professional development. But here are six ways to reduce that investment or boost your return on it:

  • Save $100 when you register by Sept. 16 Oct. 16 – deadline extended.
  • Save $100 if you’re a Rev Up Readership member. (Join Rev Up Readership.) Save $100 if you’re a PRSA member. (Join PRSA.) Click “Enter promotional code” and enter your promo code.
  • Save $100 each when you bring two or more colleagues. (Big group? If you have 10 or more colleagues who would benefit from training, contact Ann to schedule a customized, in-house writing workshop.)
  • Save $50 each when you bring one colleague.

I booked my ticket without applying the discount code. Or I received the code after booking the ticket. Can I get a refund for the discount?

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Can I still get the group discount? Please email us, and we’ll send you a special discount code your colleagues can apply to get the discount.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes, please bring one. You’ll need it to edit your work and get feedback from your peers and Ann.

Should I bring my writing sample to the workshop?

Yes, please bring your writing samples to the workshop. You’ll write, rewrite and edit and leave with a totally rewritten piece.

How do I contact you?

Please email us at

May I update my registration information?

Yes. Please go to your ticket and update your registration information and dietary information.

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Yes, please bring a copy of the ticket to the workshop.

What is the dress code for the workshop

Business casual.

Do you accommodate special dietary preferences?

Please specify your dietary preference when you register.

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Yes, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Please contact us by email and let us know what you need.

Will you sell my personal information?

No. We never share personal information with other companies.

Do you have any advice on what to tell my boss about why I should attend this writing workshop?

Here is a draft letter that you can use to help convince your boss. Also attached is a one page fact-sheet about our workshop.

Save $100 when you register by Sept. 16 Oct. 16 – deadline extended.

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