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How the chapter profits with Ann’s workshops — time after time

How to make chapter workshops profitable

“Ann is a huge draw. Her workshops aren’t the same every year, so people come back instead of saying, ‘I’ve already seen her.'”
— Karla Slate, professional development chair, PRSA Puget Sound
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When PRSA Puget Sound brought Ann in for a program in 2008, the chapter drew more than 100 participants. When the chapter brought her in again just 12 months later — in the midst of the recession — chapter leaders still managed to draw more than 85 attendees.

“And, to top that off, both workshops are held in August, a time when many are taking time off,” says professional development chair Karla Slate.

How did they do it? Slate shares these secrets …

The chapter promoted the program through:

  • Teasers in monthly newsletter (several months in advance)
  • Articles in monthly newsletter (regularly until event)
  • Teasers on chapter website (during early planning stages)
  • Full information on chapter website with link to register
  • Flier distributed at all chapter events
  • Verbal announcements at all chapter events
  • Email announcements through CVENT
  • Email registration link through CVENT

How they profit every time (even in August!):

  • Secured venues for free and catered breakfast ourselves, saving more than $400.
  • Started promoting in the springtime, giving folks a huge lead time to make arrangements to attend
  • Created a defined pricing structure in 2008, then refined it because of the economy in 2009.
  • Encouraged attendance by offering and early-bird discount and student rate.

“Ann is a huge draw,” Slate says. “Her workshops aren’t the same every year, so people come back instead of saying, ‘I’ve already seen her.’”

How they priced the 2009 program:

  • Students — $75
  • Early-bird member — $85
  • Regular rate (after July 15th) —  $95
  • Non-member —  $145
  • Walk-in rate —  $115

“We found that almost half of attendees in 2009 registered as non-members and paid the higher price,” Slate says.

“One assumption is that because of the economy, they couldn’t keep their membership current. However, people still want to see Ann, despite their membership status, so they pay the non-member rate. This allowed us to bring in even more revenue in 2009.”

Ready to book Ann for your chapter workshop? Contact Ann today.

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