September 20, 2017

Chapter workshops

How to draw a crowd, earn rave reviews and generate new members for your group

chapter workshops

“Absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent. I learned more about writing for my audience from Ann in one day than I have in any other seminar.”
— Carie Behounek,
 marketing communications coordinator,
COPIC Companies
Find out what others say about Ann’s workshops

As you plan your communication association chapter’s professional development programs, let me help you:

Draw more members.

The International Association of Business Communications (IABC) has had such success with Ann’s conference keynotes, breakouts and workshops, the organization has designated Ann a Recommended Speaker and put her programs in the All-Star category.

At the national level, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has had such success with my writing workshops, the association has me present professional development seminars around the country, deliver monthly teleseminars and write articles for Tactics, The Strategist and ComPRehension.

Why not bring a name-brand speaker to your chapter?

Build your chapter.

Dozens of IABC and PRSA chapters — from Boston to Honolulu, from Anchorage to Houston — have drawn record attendance, rave reviews and new members through Ann’s programs. Let Ann help you do the same for your chapter.

Offer popular topics.

Timeless topics like writing to persuade, cutting through the clutter and making your copy more creative will appeal to your association’s senior members and beginners alike, no matter what their industry or specialty. Plus, Ann creates new hot topics, like Writing for Social Media, each year. (Check out her most popular chapter workshops.)

Save on fees.

Communication association chapters enjoy discounts of almost half off my fees. And, because Ann’s a member of PRSA’s chapter speaker’s bureau, you may also be able to get some help on part of her travel expenses from PRSA headquarters.

Take the next step.

Because of the discounts Ann offers communication association chapters, she can present only a limited number of chapter workshops each year. If you’d like to take advantage of bringing Ann in — and getting half off my fees — please contact Ann soonest.

You’ll find out why Jim Rink, president of IABC Detroit, wrote of Ann’s workshop: “If I were to write a headline and deck for Ann’s workshop, it would go something like this … ‘West Point for Writers: How to win the war for readers’ minds.”

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