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“If I were to write a headline and deck for Ann’s workshop, it would go something like this … ‘West Point for Writers: How to win the war for readers’ minds.’”
— Jim Rink, president of IABC Detroit

From Boston to Honolulu and from Anchorage to Houston, dozens of communication chapters have drawn record attendance, rave reviews and even new members with Wylie Communications writing workshops.

Even better: IABC and PRSA chapters save half off our regular fees.

To bring Ann’s scientific, proven-in-the-lab writing techniques to your chapter or conference:

1. Choose type of training.

  • One-day writing workshop or four breakout sessions: Cover a single topic (see Choose topics, below) in a six-hour session.
  • Half-day writing workshop or two breakout sessions: Cover half of a single topic in a three-hour session.
  • 3. Choose a topic.

    In-house persuasive writing workshop: Catch Your Readers - Use the bait your reader likes

    writing workshop

    In-house social media-writing workshop: Get Clicked, Read, Shared & Liked: Write effective Web pages, blog posts and social media messages

    Social media
    writing workshop

    In-house creative writing workshop: Master the Art of the Storyteller: Engage readers with storytelling, wordplay, metaphor & more

    writing workshop

    In-house PR-writing workshop: NOT Your Father’s Press Release: Avoid PR 101 - Get the word out via PR.

    writing workshop

    In-house concise-writing workshop: Cut Through the Clutter - Make every piece you write easier to read and understand

    writing workshop

    In-house online-writing workshop: Writing for the Web and Mobile - Learn to reach readers online in this digital writing class

    writing workshop

    4. Learn more.

    • Our clients. Ann has worked with more than 400 clients, from AT&T to Wells Fargo.
    • Testimonials. Find out what others say about Ann’s workshops.
    • About Ann Wylie. Learn more about our trainer.

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