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Reach reluctant readers


Your audience members are drowning in information. These tools will help you write copy that gets through to today’s tired, busy, distracted readers.

  • Writing That Sells System: Get all of Ann’s writing toolkits, manuals and handbooks at one special price
  • Think Like a Reader: Your audience members toss most of the information they receive. Here’s how to make sure your communication is among the fraction your “reader” actually reads
  • Art of Storytelling: Put “the most powerful form of human communication” to work in your very next piece
  • People Power: Bring your ideas to life with human interest
  • Clarify Complex Copy: Take the ‘Numb’ Out of Numbers and otherwise help readers understand new, difficult or complicated information through metaphor
  • Cut Through the Clutter: Make everything you write easier to read and understand
  • Start Making Sense: Get the gobbledygook, businessese, technobabble, jargon and other gibberish out of your copy
  • Overcome Information Overload: Your audience is drowning in data. Here’s how to reach reluctant readers
  • Block Busters:  More than two dozen ways to break through writer’s block and get words on paper — now
  • Get Good at Getting the Goods: How to gather the information you need to write copy that grabs and keeps reader attention
  • Great Little Guide to Good Grammar: NOT your high-school grammar book,by Neita Geilker, Ph.D. and “Grammar Guru”

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