February 24, 2018

Writing That Sells system

Reach reluctant readers


Your audience members are drowning in information. These tools will help you write copy that gets through to today’s tired, busy, distracted readers.

  • Writing That Sells System: Get all of Ann’s writing toolkits, manuals and handbooks at one special price
  • Think Like a Reader: Your audience members toss most of the information they receive. Here’s how to make sure your communication is among the fraction your “reader” actually reads
  • Art of Storytelling: Put “the most powerful form of human communication” to work in your very next piece
  • People Power: Bring your ideas to life with human interest
  • Clarify Complex Copy: Take the ‘Numb’ Out of Numbers and otherwise help readers understand new, difficult or complicated information through metaphor
  • Cut Through the Clutter: Make everything you write easier to read and understand
  • Start Making Sense: Get the gobbledygook, businessese, technobabble, jargon and other gibberish out of your copy
  • Overcome Information Overload: Your audience is drowning in data. Here’s how to reach reluctant readers
  • Block Busters:  More than two dozen ways to break through writer’s block and get words on paper — now
  • Get Good at Getting the Goods: How to gather the information you need to write copy that grabs and keeps reader attention
  • Great Little Guide to Good Grammar: NOT your high-school grammar book,by Neita Geilker, Ph.D. and “Grammar Guru”

Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!