September 23, 2017

‘A new perspective and new tools’

What others say about ‘Start Making Sense’

Testimonials for Start making sense

Get the gobbledygook, businessese, technobabble, jargon and other gibberish out of your copy with Ann’s Start Making Sense manual and Start Making Sense writing workshop — just like these communicators who have practiced Ann’s techniques:

“A lot of helpful tips including resources to use when explaining technical terms to a nontechnical audience. I gained knowledge that I will carry with me throughout my career.”
— Leslie Beck, communications and marketing associate, Harbor Hospital
“Insights into catching yourself in your own writing when you’re so close to a project that you forget that regular people won’t be able to understand you.”
— Stephanie Miller, Penna Powers Cutting & Haynes/Proclix
“One of the results is that when my copy is edited, I don’t have to worry about my supervisor asking me to revise any words, phrases or ideas that might be too elaborate for anyone to understand. Also, when reviewing stories that I’d written before, I could go back and revise the parts in which I had neglected to explain certain words and concepts fully.”
— Tiffany Newman, Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.
“Provides the information in ways that are creative and memorable, inserting personal experience and quoting unlikely sources like Warren Buffett.”
— Karri Sandino, Kentucky Housing Corp.
“The kind of pep talk I needed. Gave me a new perspective and new tools.”
— Corporate communicator

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