November 24, 2017

The Power Pack

Shrink the learning curve, jump-start your professional development  and save $243

Power pack

Serious about developing your skills? Get all of Ann’s toolkits, manuals, handbooks, recommended readings, cheat sheets and bonuses — 19 learning tools in all — for one special price.

All five of Ann’s toolkits

Audio workshops, handbooks, manuals, cheat sheets and more — everything you need to master these crucial communication skills:

  • Think Like a Reader: Your audience members toss most of the information they receive. You’ll learn how to make sure your communication is among the fraction your “reader” actually reads
  • Art of Storytelling: Put “the most powerful form of human communication” to work in your very next piece
  • Clarify Complex Copy: Take the ‘Numb’ Out of Numbers and otherwise help readers understand new, difficult or complicated information through metaphor
  • Anatomy of a Press Release, Pitch and Emailed Release: How to create media materials that are among the 3 percent to 45 percent that actually get the word out
  • Writing for the web: Overcome the huge obstacles to web reading and get people to actually read your site.

All five of Ann’s manuals

In-depth information on critical writing techniques:

All eight handbooks

Quick reads on key skills:

Softcover and downloadable e-books (PDF). A U.S. $1,040.50 value. Yours for just $797. You save $243.50.

: $697. You save $343.50.

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