Overcome Information Overload manual

Your audience is drowning in data. Here’s how to reach reluctant readers


“I’ve noticed that both my writing and editing have become cleaner and more concise. I’ve received unsolicited, favorable comments from numerous colleagues regarding pieces on which I’ve used these techniques.”
— Rachel George-Leidenfrost, internal communications associate, M&T Bank
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In 1971, Americans were exposed to an average of 560 messages a day. Today, if you’re brave enough to get out of bed in the morning, you can count on facing 5,000 attempts to get your attention, every single day. That’s nearly 2 million messages a year.

oio_color[1]Think about it: That means that when your newsletter, magazine, press release or brochure lands on your readers’ desks, it competes with 4,999 other things for your readers’ time, interest and energy.

The solution obviously doesn’t lie in more communicating. But making every message shorter and faster isn’t the whole answer, either. Seventeen approaches — both creative and strategic — can help you get the word out in this information-drenched environment.

With this handbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why “just the facts, ma’am” isn’t the best approach for combating information overload
  • How to tell whether your message is too broad
  • Why more words may work better
  • A traditional approach that isn’t the best way to get the word out. (You’re probably using it now)
  • The cost you must measure to decide whether and how much to communicate
  • What you need to know before you hit the “send” key. (87 percent of companies don’t know this)
  • The most powerful tool for getting your message out now. (You may have dismissed it as fluff)

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