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Ann Wylie (Author)

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What’s included:

  • Audio workshop and workbook
  • Handbook
  • Cheat sheet of formulas and checklists
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Communicators too often think of metaphor as a poetic doodah that has no place in serious nonfiction writing. Not true. Metaphor is a workhorse of all meaningful writing.

Metaphors get their power from the fact that they compare the subject you’re writing about to something that’s more familiar to the audience. That way, they help our audience members understand new, complex information by means of something they already understand.
That makes metaphors a perfect technique when you need to:

  • Make big numbers more understandable
  • Make complex information easier to understand
  • Draw attention to a key point
  • Replace clichés
  • Write snappy sound bites
  • Help readers visualize your messages
  • Make an important idea memorable and a boring topic interesting

So how can you put the power of metaphor to work in your very next piece?

Now you can write compelling metaphors quickly and easily with Ann Wylie’s Clarify Complex Copy toolkit. With the toolkit, you’ll receive:

  • Ann’s four-step process for forcing a metaphor. (This works great whether you’re in a brainstorming meeting or alone at your desk trying to crunch out a good comparison.)
  • Eight ways to Take the ‘Numb’ Out of Numbers by developing analogies that help your audience members understand your statistics
  • A five-step approach for cutting the clichés out of your copy
  • The CCP formula for writing effective leads
  • Six top resources for finding the raw data you need to make your statistics more interesting and understandable
  • The question to ask to get a metaphor in an interview
  • Ann’s fill-in-the-blanks formula for writing a fascinating metaphor. (Writing compelling copy has never been this easy!)
  • More than a dozen world-class metaphors to model. (Use the techniques of these masters to develop and craft your own winning metaphors.)
  • Four techniques for finding and writing metaphors
  • Five metaphor do’s and don’ts to follow — or avoid
  • Resources for creating more compelling comparisons
  • A behind-the-scenes, step-by-step approach demonstrating how to track down numerical comparisons
  • And more!

Best of all, Ann delivers her techniques fast, with no filler. In one hour and 26 minutes, you’ll be writing metaphors that make even the most complicated information clearer and more compelling.

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Customer reviews for Clarify Complex Copy toolkit

“We work in health care marketing, and Ann’s tips have helped us translate technical medical terminology into language everyone can understand. Oftentimes we’re trying to communicate life-saving information, so keeping our writing clear, concise and compelling is critically important.”
— John Francis, director of marketing, Saint Luke’s Health System

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Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!

Bring Ann In for a Clarify Complex Copy workshop. (Learn more.)

Get all the tools you need to write effective analogies

The Clarify Complex Copy toolkit is a collection of ready-to-use tools to jumpstart your metaphor-writing skills. You’ll receive the Clarify Complex Copy:

  • Audio workshop and workbook. You’ll be able to “attend” a workshop explaining how to write better analogies.
  • Handbook — 23 pages packed with tricks, tools, techniques and tips for writing more effective metaphors. Use this information to reinforce the skills you learn in the audio workshop. Plus: You’ll get pages and pages of additional techniques and resources that just wouldn’t fit into the workshop.
  • Cheat sheet of formulas and checklists — all the action steps of the Clarify Complex Copy toolkit on one sheet of paper. Keep this checklist by your computer to use on every piece you write and edit. Our clients tell us that this job aide is one of the most valuable tools they receive for applying new skills to their daily writing.

Now you can get all the tools in The Clarify Complex Copy toolkit for the special introductory price of just $127.

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Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!

Bring Ann In for a Clarify Complex Copy workshop. (Learn more.)

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