November 22, 2017

Anatomy of a News Release toolkit

Are your media materials among the 3% to 45% that actually work?

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Ann Wylie (Author)

36 Anatomy of a News Release Reviews

What’s included:

  • Audio workshop and workbook
  • Manual
  • Real-life samples to model
  • Bonus Q&A
  • Cheat sheet of formulas and checklists
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Anatomy of a News Release description

Dear Communicator:

Depending on which study you look at, 55 percent to 97 percent of all news releases sent to media outlets are never used, according to Dennis L. Wilcox and Lawrence W. Nolte’s Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques.

No wonder!

Most of the releases I review for my training programs and consulting work are old-fashioned, formulaic and dull.

Never mind the enormous changes in media technology, vast increases in information overload and almost complete transformation in readership habits. Virtually all the releases I see rely on the same writing techniques PR pros have been using since Ivy Lee invented the press release in 1906.

So how can you create press releases and other media materials that are among the 3 percent to 45 percent that actually get the word out?

Now you can put together winning media relations materials with Ann’s new toolkit, “Anatomy of a Release, Pitch and Emailed Release.”

With this toolkit, you’ll be able to test your own copy against our checklists to make sure it includes everything it needs to include — in the right order, using the most effective approach — without including too much. You’ll walk away with formats, do’s and don’ts and rules of thumb for effective PR writing based on the latest research. They didn’t teach you this in PR 101!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Three types of headline approaches to choose from — including two that may surprise you
  • Why the traditional news release might hurt your chances of getting good coverage
  • The secret to getting your story into Forbes
  • Dozens of examples from Silver Anvil-winning releases, including great headlines, decks and leads you can model
  • How to write the ultimate evergreen release that has an almost limitless shelf life
  • What kind of stories more than half of business-to-business editors are looking for. (This probably isn’t what you’re sending them!)
  • Six tips for writing a better headline
  • The most important word in your headline and how to make sure you’re not burying it
  • How long your headline should be to communicate your point at a glance
  • Observations from media professionals who share their frustrations with today’s news releases. (When was the last time you placed the word “leading” in front of the word “company,” for instance?)
  • An essential element of a news release that many PR pros drop
  • Six tips for writing a better deck
  • Two old-fashioned, unsophisticated, formulaic lead approaches to avoid. (Chances are, you’ve used one of them this week)
  • The two W’s every reporter wants to know — and how to put them where they’ll do the most good in a news lead
  • A simple sentence to add to your lead that will demonstrate the value of your information to the reporter’s readers
  • The magic number: How long should your lead be to entice an overloaded editor?
  • Two alternatives to the inverted pyramid that may generate more and better coverage for your topic
  • A quick test to run on your release to make your information more credible and interesting
  • Five tips for writing better quotes
  • Techniques for writing engaging soundbites to make the reporter want to call the subject matter expert for an interview
  • Ten tips for making your emailed releases more effective
  • How to write a subject line that gets your emailed release opened
  • A tool for staying out of the media outlet’s spam filter. (Your release can’t get the word out if it can’t make it into your media contact’s in-box!)
  • How can you beat the odds and impress your media contacts? Only 41 percent of pitches are considered good by news professionals, according to a recent survey.
  • A quick test to run on your pitch to make sure it’s not so long that it will make the reporter’s eyes glaze over
  • How to pitch to a BlackBerry
  • And more!

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Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!

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Customer reviews for Anatomy of a News Release toolkit

“I truly believe that one tip I learned from Ann has enhanced the interest of the media at least threefold, as we received better media coverage than expected at several events.”
— Carl Walton, U.S. Postal Service

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Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!

Bring Ann In for a Anatomy of a News Release workshop. (Learn more.)

Get ALL the tools you need to write better media relations copy

“Anatomy of a Release …” toolkit is a collection of ready-to-use tools to jump-start your PR writing skills. You’ll receive the “Anatomy of a Release …”:

  • Audio workshop and guide. “Attend” Ann’s 1-hour workshop sharing the key elements of the “Anatomy of a Release …” system.
  • Manual — 45 pages packed with tricks, tools, techniques and tips for getting the word out through the media. Use this information to reinforce the skills you learn in the audio workshop. Plus, you’ll get pages and pages of additional techniques and resources that just wouldn’t fit into the workshop.
  • Real-life samples to model — more than 30 headlines, decks, leads and quotes from Silver Anvil Award-winning releases and pitches. Use their success secrets to develop and craft your own winning media relations materials.
  • Cheat sheet of formulas and checklists — all the action steps of the “Anatomy of a Release … ” toolkit on one sheet of paper. Keep this checklist by your computer to use on every piece you write and edit. Our clients tell us that this job aide is one of the most valuable tools they use for applying new skills to their daily writing.
  • Bonus Q&A: “Yes, You Can Make Your News Release Creative: How does John Armato sell his inventive releases to clients and the media?” In this bonus Q&A, you’ll learn secrets from a master PR writer who successfully writes, gains approval for and places creative pitches and releases day in, day out.

Start writing better press releases today

Order “Anatomy of a Press Release …” toolkit today, and we’ll rush it to you immediately. There’s no reason to wait another minute to make your press release one of the 3 percent to 45 percent that gets the word out.

Now you can get all the tools in The Anatomy of a News Release toolkit for the special introductory price of just $127.

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Serious about developing your skills? Get Ann’s Power Pack and save!

Bring Ann In for a Anatomy of a News Release workshop. (Learn more.)

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