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Stop reinventing the wheel with this article ‘playbook’

“Ann’s brisk, clever, precise writing helped Healthquest earn the Gold Award from the National Wellness Institute for publishing the best health information in the country.”
— Jim Felkner, director, Mayo Healthquest

Writing templatesEver wish you had annotated models, guidelines and checklists for writing your webpages, articles, releases and other pieces?

Let us develop formulas, templates and examples to make your pieces more effective and less time-consuming. These writing templates will direct your team members to write effective:

  • Headlines
  • Decks
  • Leads
  • Body
  • Lists
  • Calls to action
  • Display copy
  • Other story elements

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How it works

Send us a sample of your webpages, feature articles, press releases, proposals or other piece in Word, and we’ll:

  • Rewrite it using proven-in-the-lab best practices to show your writers what to do
  • Create guidelines and checklists that tell your writers what to do

Note: We can even help you implement the templates with our writing and editing services.

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Why Wylie Communications?

Ann and her team have:

How may we help you?

Contact Ann to have her template your next writing project.

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