August 19, 2017

Pass the 70-20-10 test

Create social media messages that engage readers

How can you write social media messages that are relevant, valuable and interesting to friends, fans and followers?

How to engage via social media

Share and share alike Bring the bounty of the web to your friends, fans and followers by sharing in 7 of 10 posts. Image by Brooke Lark

Pass educational consultant Angela Maiers’ 70-20-10 test. That is:

1. Share 70% of the time.

Give readers information they can use to live their lives better by linking to valuable information — new research, tipsheets and tools

That’s what Guy Kawasaki does. Kawasaki makes himself a go-to guy with interesting, valuable tweets like these:

Tweets like these have earned Kawasaki a spot on Hubspot’s Twitter Elite — tweeters who have the highest power and reach in the Twitter community.

2. Engage 20%.

Put the social in social media: Connect, converse, ask questions, answer them, respond to people who mention you and generally help out your online connections.

You’ll find this approach on Southwest Airlines’ Twitter feed. Sample tweets:

  • “Hey everyone, if you have a good winglet pic or airplane window photos ‪@cnnireport wants them! Info here:
  • ‪@BlessNDress I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble. Please follow & DM your info. & additional feedback. I’ll see if we can help.”
  • “Alright, NYC locals … tourist attractions are great, but what are your favorite hidden gems? What would you do in one day in New York City?”

This engaging Twitter style landed Southwest’s Twitter feed on Time magazine’s list of Top 10 corporate tweeters.

3. Chirp 10%.

In one in 10 tweets, Maiers suggests, go ahead and chit-chat about yourself.

Because the bulk of his tweets inform instead of meforming, Zappos CEO Tony Hsei can get away with the occasional chirp like this:

  • “Swam in Silverton mermaid aquarium on my birthday! Wore costume b/c they don’t allow birthday suits.

Hsei is another honoree on Time magazine’s list of of Top 10 corporate tweeters.

But beware: A little chirping goes a long way. Too much can veer into corporate narcissism.

  • Think Like a Friend, Fan or Follower

    “There’s a lot of ME in social MEdia,” says Brian Solis. “And there’s a great big I in TwItter.” Sadly, talking about yourself and your stuff works about as well on social channels as it does at a cocktail party. Watch your social media reach and influence grow when you deliver relevant, valuable, useful content:

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    • Get more likes and shares with stories that better serve your audience.
    • Make sure your status updates are welcome guests, not intrusive pests, by passing the 70-20-10 test.
    • Tap the power of the most-retweeted word in the English language. And avoid the one topic nobody wants to read about.

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