December 18, 2017

Resources on tight writing

Websites, books and tools

Resources on tight writing

Cut Through the Clutter workshop

Bring Ann in to train your whole team. You’ll master a seven-step system for making your copy clearer and tighter. “The most concise, outstanding ‘short course’ on cleaning up copy.” — Kevin Trenga, manager, marketing communications, The Raymond Corporation.

Cut Through the Clutter manual and cheat sheet

Get your Gold Member discount on Ann’s 79-page manual for making everything you write easier to read and understand. Find out why one communicator says: “(Cut Through the Clutter) was a breakthrough for me.”

On Writing Well

William Zinsser’s classic guide to writing nonfiction includes a great example of the final round of clutter cutting.

WordDog Plain English Editor

This program sniffs out clichés, redundancies and unnecessary words.

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