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Resources on readability

Learn to more about measuring and improving readability.

2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (PDF)

The U.S. Department of Education’s study is the most comprehensive, statistically reliable source on literacy in the United States. Also see the 1993 results.

Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please

Law professor Joseph Kimble’s treatise on legalese makes the case for plain language and includes dozens of case studies showing that plain language saves money and time and drives people to act more effectively than convoluted prose.

The Basics of Plain Language

William H. Dubay,,” Impact Information: Plain Language Services, 2005

The Principles of Readability (PDF)

Learn about U.S. literacy studies and research on readability and readability formulas from William H. Dubay, principal of Impact Information.

Smart Language (PDF)

William H. DuBay’s introduction to adult literacy surveys, research on readability and readability formulas.

Unlocking Language: The Classic Readability Studies (PDF)

Read the classics, the L.A. Sherman to the Flesch formulas, collected and curated by Impact Information’s William H. DuBay.

Working with Plain Language (PDF)

William H. DuBay’s introduction to the principles of plain language and guidelines for matching your text with the reading skill of the audience

Impact Information

Readability expert William H. DuBay’s blog

  • Reach Real Readers

    Get a reading-level reality check with results from the latest U.S. literacy study

    “The problem with communication,” said George Bernard Shaw, “is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

    Reach real readers

    No kidding. Send out a message that’s written at the 11th grade level, for instance, and 97% of U.S. adults won’t be able to understand it, according to the Department of Education’s latest adult literacy test.
    Draw more people into your piece and help them read it faster, understand it better and remember it longer.
    At Cut Through the Clutter — our in-house clear-writing workshop — you’ll learn how to:
    • Write for real readers. Chances are, you’re vastly overestimating your audience members’ literacy rate, according to a massive international study.
    • Overcome special audience challenges. Older people, health care consumers, mobile users — maybe even your CEO — may need more help than you realize.
    • Sell readability's bottom-line business value. The U.S. Navy, for instance, saved more than $27 million in officer time by increasing readability.
    • Increase reading by up to 75% by making one change to your message.
    • Measure, monitor and manage readability — your No. 1 tool for reaching more readers.

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