Addicted to email

1 in 3 wake up, check email immediately

“Email may well be your most productive marketing tool.”
Dan Zarrella, viral marketing scientist, HubSpot

Thirty-five percent of mobile workers check their email first thing in the morning, before getting dressed or having a cup of coffee.

That’s according to a 2011 study by iPass (pdf). The Enterprise Mobility Services company defines mobile workers as folks who use mobile devices to access networks other than the company LAN or WLAN for work.

Woke up, got out of bed …

iPass researchers learned that mobile workers check email:

  • First thing in the morning, before doing anything else: 35%
  • After dressing: 17%
  • After having coffee or tea: 14%
  • After arriving at the office: 12%
  • After breakfast: 10%
  • After starting a commute: 8%
  • After entering a home office: 4%

Does your iPhone keep you warm at night?

But that’s nothing compared to the 38 percent who check their smartphones when they wake up at night. Or the 43 percent who store their smartphones within arm’s reach of their beds.

iPass surveyed 3,700 mobile enterprise employees at more than 1,100 enterprises worldwide.

Email dead? Don’t bet on it. How are you using this addictive medium?

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