April 28, 2017

Quotes on email

What writers and others say

“If email had been around before the telephone was invented people would have said, ‘Hey, forget email — with this new telephone invention I can actually talk to people.’”
— Anonymous

Quotes on short words

“I’d rather send out a mass email than hang posters all over the place.”
— Todd Barry, American stand-up comedian, actor and voice actor

“regurgimailer: Friends and colleagues who forward everything that lands in their inboxes to everyone they know without checking to see if it’s true or even new. ‘My brother is the ultimate regurgimailer. He’s always sending urban legends that are at least five years old.'”

“spam count: The ratio of legitimate email to spam. ‘Since I started using a spam filter, my spam count’s higher than ever. Go figure.'”

“spammified: When a legitimate email ends up in your spam folder, which has also become the digital world’s hottest excuse. ‘Sorry, I just got your message. It had been spammified.'”

“The difference between email and regular mail is that computers handle email, and computers never decide to come to work one day and shoot all the other computers.”
— Jamais Cascio, San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and ethical futurist

“They can hack it, spam it, even slam it as so old-school. But American workers can’t live without their email.”
— Jason Del Rey, senior editor, Commerce

“The from line is what recipients use to determine whether to delete an email. The subject line is what motivates people to actually open the email.”
— Loren McDonald, chief marketing officer of J.L. Halsey, a marketing technology and services

“I don’t believe in email. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.”
— Sarah Jessica Parker, actress and producer of “Sex and the City”

“You think the filters at Hotmail (now Windows Live Hotmail), AOL, or Yahoo are tough? They’re child’s play compared to the toughest filter of all: your recipient’s mind.”
— Stefan Pollard, director of consulting services, EmailLabs

“There’s a mad dash for attention in the email box.”
— Mike Sigal, CEO of Guidewire

“Email may well be your most productive marketing tool.”
— Dan Zarrella, viral marketing scientist, HubSpot
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